Berlin – lovely surprise

by highand45

Last weekend I ended up in Berlin again. Was it two years ago that I visited my good friend Jill, this time I went for a fast visit to my well known Eastern Neigbour Jens , original from Munster….

Jens and I have been friends for almost 3 years, starting back in 2004 in a school project named Triple-I, an interational workout plan for motivated students……….don’t ask me more about it :)
My third time back in Berlin was again awesome. I love this city! A big (welcome) surprise was that Jens is living up in a beautiful old apartment in Berlin Mitte, where you can still recognize the old paintings and details on the roof and walls, even the old furniture is still there. In between lines; no one knows what happend to the old occupant….

Best thing of my visit is that we, later on that night, incidantally bounced on one of my favourite spots in Berlin….
This lovely neigbourhood in eastern Berlin is a walhalla of art in all her different ways….
For example I love this special street painting of fishes and flowers! It makes me think about the Dutch artists of ‘Leuke Kunst‘, settled in Alkmaar, The Netherlands . However, the location of this small lane and the late night ambiance made it even more special. It makes me feel so good!
Can’t wait to go there again. Thanks Jens!