N.E.R.D.’s new album: N*R*3*D

by highand45

For those who didn’t know yet….it’s coming up! The new album of N.E.R.D. is planned for 2008, probably named N*R*3*D.

N.E.R.D. (No One Ever Really Dies) is (for those of you who have been sleeping under a stone for the last couple of years) Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo (best known as the production duo the Neptunes) and rapper Shay. I guess N.E.R.D. is one of the most genius funky-rock-bands from the last 20 years. Making music in lines of rock, rap and hip-hop and got worldwide fame with the album (one of my personal favourites) ‘In Search Of…’ back in 2001 and later on again in 2002, including songs as ‘Lapdance‘, ‘Brain‘, ‘Provider‘, ‘Tape You‘, ‘Bobby James’ and ‘Rock Star‘.

The Neptunes are who we are and N*E*R*D is what we do. It’s our life. N*E*R*D is just a basic belief, man. People’s energies are made of their souls. When you die, that energy may disperse but it isn’t destroyed.

Check out their amazing performance in 2005 at Pinkpop! (in Landgraaf, The Netherlands)