The Game

by highand45

Gewoon omdat hij Do, 11/12/08 in de Melkweg staat.
En niet alleen deze foto, maar ook deze tekst alvast een kleine voorproefje is op zijn optreden….rillingen… 
“GUESS WHO’S BACK on the West Coast track.
It’s the muthafuckin’ messiah of Gangsta Rap.

Still dippin’ in 64’s, still puffin’ on the same chronic.
Haters mad cuz I still got it.

I never fall off – even without the Doc.

You nigga’s sellin’ your soul trying to stay on top.

Bitch nigga check your Kotex.

You niggas ain’t movin’ shit like the hand on a fake ass Rolex.

I’m 5 million sold, the cover of last album the only time you see me sitting on gold.

I’m the most anticipated, most celebrated.

Most loved and the muthafuckin’ most hated.

Keep rollin’ like gold Dayton’s.

Nigga’s got The Game fucked up like Hennessey with a Coke chaser.

You gotta deal with me I’m the West Coast savior.

Nigga’s think of me every time they’re ’64’s scrappin’”.
note: Lookin’ At You” off Doctor’s Advocate
“Those lyrics came to mind as soon as I saw that pic”.
thanks to the smokingsection