New Amsterdam – NewYork400

by highand45

Just because we like some home town history…. and so we go. This year we celebrate the discovery of New York by the Dutch in 1609, with special event in day- and nighttime ;).
400 years of history, 400 years of shared values, 400 years of friendship between Amsterdam and New York.
Check out the amazing program in Amsterdam for the next month!
Some more details and a disney feel good video ;)
400 years ago Henry Hudson, Captain on a Dutch ship landed in the area hat would become one of the largest and most recognizable cities in the world New York City. The Half Moon (Halve Maen) was commissioned on March 25, 1609 for the Dutch East India Company.

His discovery led to the Dutch claim to, and the settlement of New Netherland, extending from what we now call New York. When the English wrested control of the colony in 1664 they rebaptized its capital New Amsterdam into New York.