Just because

De Upsite van Down

So last friday we were enjoying ourselves in A’dam (check out Neon facebook pics) went I bumbed up into this open air exposition.

Made me remember that I saw more of this project earlier the year. Photographing truly, truly beautiful kids with the syndrome of Down.

Please check out the website with some amazing photo’s, buy the book and go and visit this open air exposition downtown A’dam and say hello to Luna and Linde.



Sunday picture: wat de pot Schaft!

Just because the old school ijsko man just showed up  today…. feeling happy…..happy feeling!

Robin and Madelief were joining me for some hand made brownie icecream!


6th Anniversary skateshop Rollin’

Just because we couldn’t pass by this 6th years anniversary party of skate shop Rollin back in old school Atlantis ‘Victoria something’.

And an anniversary it became…… pictures inline :)