Just because

Faberyayo: Flessen (Bertje vs.Yayo)

Just because the guys of Top Notch are trying to give cd ‘De Machine’ from the guys of ‘De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig’ a second shot?
We ask ourselves; why do they need it, with such fanatic fans……


Well nevertheless, these short movies aren’t that bad… See the rest of the movies (Tik Pak and Yayo).

Wonderful video: Full Crate – She Was Fly

Just because she was fly…..Do we need to say more? Ain’t that easy? A wonderful video of more then 4 and a half minute on a easy going beat…like it.

please check out here how these guys work on the beats…

Photo overview – La Petite Nuit Blanche

New trailer: Cold Souls – a soul searching comedy

Just because I needed to share this amazing new movie trailer with you, Cold Souls, a soul searching comedy. Some quotes:

“I just want my soul back”, ”Soul travelling is a serious business” , “Your soul is in Russia”


final sale @ dressnocode.nl


just because shirt and hoodies of ‘Leger des Stijls’ are on sale……woe!