Unique look into Levi Strauss & Co Archive and history

by highand45


A pair of vintage jeans c.1901-1922 from the Levi Strauss & Co. archives

Just because you have to check the interview with this woman Lynn Downey , the Levi Strauss & Co. archivist and historian, because she probably got one of the most tied jobs in the world ;)

As she says: ‘A lot of these guys were like, no! And they put on their jeans, got on their motorcycles and they hit the road.’

Some of the interesting holdings in Levi’s Archive:

  • The “XX” – the oldest pair of 501® jeans in the world, from c1879
  • 10 pairs of jeans from the 19th century
  • A pair of jeans from 1938 that towed a car
  • Denim jackets redesigned or decorated by Elton John, Queen Latifah, Yves St. Laurent, Elizabeth Taylor and others
  • A pair of jeans that prevented a child from being burned
  • Letters from Cary Grant, Henry Kissinger, Clint Eastwood, Lady Bird Johnson, and silent-movie cowboy William S. Hart
  • A one-piece garment for women called “Freedom-Alls” from 1918
  • A denim tuxedo jacket made for Bing Crosby in 1951
  • A jacket and pair of jeans signed by The Rolling Stones