Time magazine: ‘The More Mature we are, the More Reckless’

by highand45

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Just because this interesting article at Time Magazine shows us an insight of the Teen Brain; ‘The More Mature we are, the More Reckless’.
Or as they say: The most common-sense explanation for teens’ carelessness is that their brains just aren’t developed enough to know better. But new research suggests that in the case of some teens, the culprit is just the opposite: the brain matures not too slowly but, perhaps, too quickly.

So we ask ourself, is it than better to stay unmature while still being a teenager? Wow, we don’t even wanne know what our parents think about that one ;)

As well, take a look at the new book of photographer Dawoud Bey, were he talks with American teenagers, creating as he says “a diverse group portrait of a generation that defies our expectations”.

thanks to Time Magazine