Jongerentrends 2010 – #1. The Circle of No Life

by highand45

Just because YoungWorks tells us about the trends for 2010. It’s funny because number 1 is something i’ve been thinking about lately. Infobesitas, or….information junkies. Trough tv, internet or mobile, being online 24/7. So are we bored then that we put so much time and energy in being online and search for (new) information? No. So are we trully interested then? No. It’s, as YoungWorks tell us, just the addiction and above all, the feeling to miss someting out.
Nice food for thoughts….so read the YoungWorks_Trendport_Top10_van_2010.

Note: if you are then searchting for information…..take the time to listen to the clear words of our queen :)