Influencer #2: Jean Touitou

by highand45

Just because Jean Touitou was thinking about becoming teacher, started working at KENZO and ended up as founder (1987) of Atelier de Production et de Création, better known as A.P.C. The French fashion label with a relatively minimal approach with usual clean, timeless designs and with over 40 collections. 
Read the interview by  with Jean Touitou.  “An idealist and revolutionary who had fallen somehow unexpectedly into fashion in the late ’70s, Touitou, born in Tunisia and raised in Paris, was looking for a movement and couldn’t find one, so he decided to create an alternative to what he saw around him…”

Right, however, we still don’t like this’
Guus Geluk – photo….

Note 1. Via Interview by Fraser Cooke. Tokyo-based global marketing specialist for Nike, as well as writer and some-time DJ.

Note 2. A.P.C. Fall/Winter preview

Note 3. INFLUENCER #1:
Earlier we told you about fashion influencer Jonny Johansson, owner and creative director @ Acne Studios and Jeans.