jj’s exclusive mixtape ‘Kills’

by highand45

Just because we ask ourselves how the hell we could have missed this. We knew a song or two of (the most promosing band of the moment) jj. And yes that they made a couple of ridicoulas good remixes. But damn did we mis the fact these are part of their exclusive christmas eve mixtape named Kills (with remixes of Akon, Mia, Jay-z, B.I.G., Dr.Dre and Kanye), and that it got downloaded 42.000 times before the downloadlink got deleted after being online for only a month. Oh and it keeps getting better. Their debut album, n° 2, ended up as Best New Music from Pitchfork last year with a rating of 8.6. woops. End for now, we didn’t even talk about their art work.

jj: my life (lil wayne ‘my life’ cover)

jj: still (dr. dre’s ‘still dre’ cover)

jj: Ecstasy (lil wayne ‘lollipop’ cover)

album art jj Kills

album art jj n° 2

Their facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/jj/187340498909?ref=ts&v=wall