Intel Visual Life – The Sartorialist

by highand45

Just because this man, fashion blogger Scott Schuman, is becoming a phenomenon. Started 2005 in new york city Scott became a pioneer in fashion photography and blogging, taking pictures of people walking the street…..dressed in some way that caught his eye (or lens). We did post before about Scott, talking his blog or his signing in paris at Colette. D’accord, this is going to be our last post about Scott, time for the newbees, lets end the hype with a nice short documentary by the people of intel.

“I wasn’t looking for stars or trends, I’ve never been interested in celebrities,” Shuman explained. But he admits he does have a great eye for market people and a knack for catching recognizable front-row faces on the street. Having spent 15 years working in sales and marketing for luxury brands in New York, Schuman initially was drawn to photograph the field he knew best, menswear. He clicked away, documenting diaristically his haphazard sartorial encounters. At the time of The Sartorialist’s inception, blogs were primarily text-based, he said, “I had no idea if people were going to like the concept, but I thought, there is nothing to lose… Worst comes to worst, I’ll pretend it wasn’t me, it doesn’t have my name anywhere.

thanks to interviewmag.