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by highand45

Highand45 is how we name it in Dutch ‘een bonte verzameling’ of posts. A copy of our personals interests, but guess the randomness in posts and categories won’t make you any wiser on that one. And that’s exactly what these statistics tell us!  Randomness is Endless :)

I don’t know, sometimes you just have it with that single post. Guess Uffie’s Pop The Glock was ours. Viewed over 46.000 times. (wheres that google add thing when you need it grrr). Thank god most of our favourite post are in this top list.

Pop The Glock

Like the one of Aurel Schmidt:

Or about some of the oldies as Buffalo Springfield:

Or Annie Leibovitz making Disney-dreams:

The one of W.Eugene Smith’s exposition More Real than Reality.

Or Club Zonder Filter doing DJ Paul Elstak:

Guess only thing missing is this fridays Cineville party @ de Melkweg: