Nuit Blanche Amsterdam 2011 / UPDATE

by highand45

Just because Amsterdam most exciting night of the year is coming closer,  Nuit Blanche (literally White Night, All-Nighter or Sleepless Night in French) Amsterdam. Nuit Blanche is an all night long artfestival that takes you on june 18th on an urban expedition by night. We give you an update of this years program and event details;

Nuit Blanche Amsterdam 2011
7 location
12 hours (19.00 – 07.00)
passe partout TICKET 12 euro (BUY!)
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1. Experimental music & photo exhibition / location: Brakke Grond
(google maps)

A wide range of musicians will be installed, especially for the festival night. At the Brakke Grond you will help the Flemish band Kapotski build an interactive music installation made out of worn-out kitchen appliances, old vacuum cleaners and converted record players. Donate all your bad bargains and broken power tools and witness how they become part of a musical machine full of industrial noise and unexpectedly beautiful sounds!

At the same time, the photo exhibition (Re): TILT shows how human manages to remain standing in the midst of chaos. All the works on display are by talented photography students from Breda, Brussels, Antwerp and Ghent. In another area, SLAVE, better known as the organisation behind the extravagant parties at the Supperclub, presents their Arts and Culture Program. Expect the unexpected from this platform for artists, filmmakers, musicians, writers, poets and everything in between. The afterparty with the cutting edge DJ line-up by KISS Escort, guarantees you will dance the night away.
2. Eddie The Eagle / location: Magna Plaza
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Eddie the Eagle Shopping Center introduces the Post shopping, where expertise and creativity are not on sale, but based on personal growth.

Nuit Blanche linked the Eddies to the Magna Plaza,… which proved successful! Not only for one night they will withdraw this temporary artistic warehouse, but for the entire month of June! Expect previews, premieres of exhibitions, workshops, performances and theater. It’s all about gaining experience: ‘products’ can be purchased and fair physical and mental prices will be asked. An economic model in which experience will be exchanged, shared and paid. You can visit the Shopping Center in the Magna Plaza during regular opening hours in the month of June. Tickets for Nuit Blanche will be for sale on location as well

3. Crack Light District / location: metro station of the North/South-line at the Rockin.

For everyone who has ever played with the shutter of a camera, but never realized what the opportunities are. Join a Light Art workshop in the metrostation at the Rockin.
For inspiration you can go to location nr 2; Magna Plaza (which is on a walking distance) which shows an exhibition by world’s best light painting artists.
Camera and toold, do it yourself!

5. North by Northwest / location: (new) Eye Film Institue
(google maps)

The EYE Film Institute Netherlands will soon be located at the IJ-promenade in Amsterdam-North. The new building happens to be located where the gallows used to be in mediaeval Amsterdam. During a sneak preview performance in the brand new EYE building a cinematic initiationrite is being held every half hour to scare away any possible demons.
In a Dome next to the building, Subbacultcha presents acts and music with films chosen by Eye. One of the highlights is Amsterdam based noise-sample duo The Moi Non Plus, live re-scoring David Lynch’s surrealistic debut Eraserhead (1977).

5. Guerrilla Restaurant / location: secret

During Nuit Blanche Amsterdam their will food all the night according to three shifts. The first one starts at 19.00, the second shift starts at 23.00 and the last one, for the always hungry people, at 03.00.
What will be cooked, the location and who will entertain the guests is top secret. Tickets are for sale at Café Struik (Rozengracht 160) from May 12th!

For sure theres’ much more to come!

So if you wanne know what to do june 18th make sure you follow them on facebook or check the photo overview of Nuit Blanche Amsterdam 2010