C2C – Down The Road

by highand45

C2C is a French Electro Dj band, 4 times DMC world champions (2003-2006) and 1 time ITF world champion (2005). The 4 group members are @djgreem, @atomathome, @DjpFeL and @mr20syl and met during their teenage years. The four members have been very active on the French musical scene and for what it’s worth; to this day, their live performances remain extremly popular, totalling more than 7 million views on Youtube. As they say, they use their turntables as instruments.
Since their teenage years they never stopped working together, featuring on each other’s albums, but 2011 is the year when they finally reunited to produce C2C’s first album.

C2C’s first EP « Down The Road » was released on the 23rd of January 2012. Since then, The EP benefits of great critics and success from both audience and medias.