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Highand45 is an Amsterdam based blog, started in 2008 by Arno Stevens. Arno is a professional in marketing & communication with a wide experience both in profit as in non-profit, specialised in marcom for the music and film industrie. ‘Just because’ Highand45 is about the small things we like, we don’t make this bigger then it is….Small things that got our interest both personal as in business; music, movies, photography, people, cultures, life in general…
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Arno is currently working as head of marketing for Cineville (www.cineville.nl), an Amsterdam based collaboration of 13 arthouses cinemas that offers a discount pass (unlimited acces to all 13 arthousse cinemas for only 17,50 euro a month) and THE (in dutch) arthouse cinema website www.cineville.nl.
Besides that Arno is owner of The Party Cups (www.thepartycups.com), ThePartyCups.com offers red partycups to resellers and handles overall product marketing (and placement).

Arno worked for several organizations as Microsoft (www.microsoft.com), Nobiles Magazine (www.nobiles.nl ), 5daysoff (www.5daysoff.nl) , Nuit Blanche Amsterdam (www.nuitblancheamsterdam.nl ) and others.

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