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Just because Flying Lotus in one of the best experimental multi-genre blablabla, and this os one of our favorites beats.

The amazing story of Ed Sheeran

Just because Ed Sheeran, is only 20 years old but is already one hell of a story!  We don’t know where to start; with his amazing song Little Lady together with Mikill Pane, his age of only 20, his intens lyrics, the way he beated James Morrison, his sofa surfing story, his going on my own to LA story or his collaborations with almost all big grime artists.

Little Lady:

She’s just under the upper-hand.
And goes mad for a couple grammes.
And she don’t wanna go outside, tonight.
‘Cause in the pipe she’ll fly to the motherland and,
Sell love to another man.
It’s too cold outside, for angels to fly.
For angels to fly.

Just a short bio;
In 2009, he played 312 gigs. Ed said that he read an interview with James Morrison that said that James had done 200 gigs in a year, so Ed said he wanted to beat him on this number. When he ran out of money, he left his flat he was renting and started ‘sofa surfing’ around London, he has been doing this ever since, even after he signed his deal.

In April 2010, after leaving his old management company, he bought a ticket to LA, with no contacts other than one poetry night. He played open mic nights all over LA, before being spotted by Jamie Foxx who invited him to stay at his house and record for the rest of his stay. Throughout 2010, Sheeran’s fan-base grew incredibly by YouTube, together with also getting credit from The Indepent newspaper, England football captain Rio Ferdinand and even Elton John.

On 9 January 2011, Sheeran released his final independent EP, No.5 Collaborations Project featuring appearances by lots of grime artists. With this EP, Sheeran gained mainstream attention for reaching number 1 in the iTunes chart without any promotion or label, selling over 7,000 copies in its first week.
His first headline tour around the UK sold out in a matter of hours.
One of his other hits is his cover of Jamie Woon – Wayfaring Stranger .

Check the guy’s facebook.

Lyrics of Little Lady:

Listen little lady,

This is just the worst way to spend your birthday,

It’s thirty degrees, Thursday.

You work late, you is with a perv making dirty fake love in his Mercedes.

Lady, the word rape
sums up events that take place every night.

You wanna get up but you know your legs will ache if you try.

And you remember that your punter went crazy last night,

You drag yourself to the mirror to check your face, then you cry.

Forget the visit to the clinic you were booked in for,

You’ll make a trip to the Whittington where they’ll look at your jaw.

They’ll be inquisitive and ask about your business for sure,

They’ll know your fibbing if you say you got hit by a door.

But young woman your pimp sees you as nothin’ but a dumb hooker,

Medical attention could be fatal

‘Cause the cunt wouldn’t ever let a doctor near someone that’s getting dough
for him,

‘Cause next you got poxy authorities sticking their nose in.

She’s just under the upper-hand.

And goes mad for a couple grammes.

And she don’t wanna go outside, tonight.

‘Cause in the pipe she’ll fly to the motherland and,

Sell love to another man.

It’s too cold outside, for angels to fly.

For angels to fly.

Little lady,

Your mind you’ve made up,

Your injuries you can’t hide with make-up.

You need some medical advice, you make up,

A little lie to say
just in case the Doc opens his eyes and don’t decide to play dumb.

With any luck you’ll see the same guy that stitched your top lip,

Last year when your pimp just lost it.

He wouldn’t recognize you if you stared him in the face anyway

‘Cause all the Herroin is making you age,

But your a heroin for taking the strain of being a prostitute and punching back
the funds you have left, go where you from using money gram.

Mother had to get you out of the motherland, to study,

That was all she struggled to have a single daughter with the upper hand.

Little does she
know, your never coming back

She put you in her brother’s hands only for him to formulate another plan

He’s the fucking cause of your appalling state this summer

Fancy that? You came to London to get pimped by your Uncle, Damn.

She’s just under the upper-hand.

And goes mad for a couple grammes.

And she don’t wanna go outside, tonight.

‘Cause in the pipe she’ll fly to the motherland and,

Sell love to another man.

It’s too cold outside for angels to fly,

Now a angel will die, covered in white

With eyes closed, and hoping for a better life

This time I’ll fade out tonight,

Straight down the line.

Little lady,

Your trembling with fear,

Your skinny frame kinda resembles a deer,

Your sitting facing a detective oh dear

The meddling nurse couldn’t just leave it,

She’s only gone and made it much worse calling police in,

She’ll never know the gravity of the damage she’s caused

Your causing scandal going mad in the ward now,

The copper’s trying to calm you,

Telling you he won’t let no one harm you

The same question he keeps trying to ask you,

Who you working for?

He’s talking to you like your worth more than a dirty whore

Your having a conversation you could be murdered for

Your learning more about exactly why you need bring him or her to court

He’s kicking knowledge you ain’t ever heard before

Just before he leaves he reassures you that he knows that it’s hard

He underlines a mobile number you can phone on his card

Begs you to use it he’s useless if your ganna to be stupid

‘Cause a answer hasn’t come from your bruised lips

You’re on your own,

You’ve gotta go and give your pimp what you owe,

You reach your door and then it dawns that you’ve been followed home

Before you turn around you feel a cold blade on your throat

And then a voice says ‘where you been bitch I wanna know.’

No prizes for guessing who it is resistance would be foolishness,

You open the front door, he boots you in

There’s something new in him, he’s silent now

That fills you with terror

Get your alibi straight you could be killed for an error

He towers over you, the six inch knife catches the sunlight

At this point, your life flashes before your eyes

Your handbags dropped and all the contents are all over the floor

Despite the mess there’s only one thing that caught his eye.

And in the moment of rage he brutally murders his niece and dumps her body in
the boot of his Merc’s in the street.

Little lady left this earth in the
worst way, all because she got a card on her 13th birthday…

And we’re all under the upper-hand.

And go mad for a couple grammes.

And we don’t wanna go outside, tonight

Cos in the pipe she’ll fly to the motherland

And sell love to another man,

It’s too cold outside for angels to fly

For angels to fly,

Fly, Fly

For angels to fly, to fly, to fly.

Angels to die

Broken Bells

Just because Broken Bells is that dreamteam combination of Brian Burton (better known as Danger Mouse) en James Mercer, singer and gitarist of The Shins . Brian made us think about Questlove for a moment, our favorite drummer (of The Roots).

jj’s exclusive mixtape ‘Kills’

Just because we ask ourselves how the hell we could have missed this. We knew a song or two of (the most promosing band of the moment) jj. And yes that they made a couple of ridicoulas good remixes. But damn did we mis the fact these are part of their exclusive christmas eve mixtape named Kills (with remixes of Akon, Mia, Jay-z, B.I.G., Dr.Dre and Kanye), and that it got downloaded 42.000 times before the downloadlink got deleted after being online for only a month. Oh and it keeps getting better. Their debut album, n° 2, ended up as Best New Music from Pitchfork last year with a rating of 8.6. woops. End for now, we didn’t even talk about their art work.

jj: my life (lil wayne ‘my life’ cover)

jj: still (dr. dre’s ‘still dre’ cover)

jj: Ecstasy (lil wayne ‘lollipop’ cover)

album art jj Kills

album art jj n° 2

Their facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/jj/187340498909?ref=ts&v=wall

favorite oldies: #1. Buffalo Springfield

Just because we were talking about oldies. Not your parents do, but their music (or at least the music they listened) and our favorites….

So off we go; number 1. Buffalo Springfield – For What It’s Worth (1969). Amazing live video!

I think it’s time we stop, children, what’s that sound
Everybody look what’s going down

new music: Belle and Sebastian

Just because Belle and Sebastian is an indie pop band from Glasgow who is together since 1996 and made over 8 albums already. We just discovered their addictive folk sound since their latest album ‘Write about Love’. ‘I want the world to stop’ is the single from this album.

new music: Jamie XX ‘NY IS KILLING ME’

Just because master beatmaker Jamie XX (from The XX) is both with The XX and their world tour, and his solo career doing great. Latest solo project is a remix of Gill Scott-Heron’s album ”Im New Here’. Album will be released in february 2011 and looks promosing listening to this great single ‘NY Is Killing Me’