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new movie: Black swan

Just because after Requiem for a Dream and The Wrestler, director Darran Aronofsky made an incredible psychological thriller; Black Swan.
Black Swan tells us the story of  New York ballet dancer Nina (Natalie Portman) and the big competition in the scene. Already named to be one of the Oscar winners.
Go see the it at the Cineville Talkshow 25 januari 2011 @De Balie.

Which made us think about another video…..

short docu: SKATEISTAN – To live and skate kabul

Just because we don’t skate and if so, for skating, Afgahnistan would be the last place to go. Or…..
A nice story supported by some beautiful images. SKATISTAN is winner of the LA Skate Film Festival Best Documentary Award.

Almost Famous

Just because we told you before, one of our favourite movies: Almost Famous. One more time :), the trailer and some stills.

Dominique the movie

Just because this beautiful piece of artwork for the new movie ‘Dominique‘ makes us think the movie Vicky Christina Barcelona served as inspiration.

It made us not only curious to the movie itself , but makes us wanne have this poster too.

The short movie Dominique tells us the story of the life of young model Dominique (Sylvia Hoeks) , which is, in the harsh fashion world, dictated by her never ending search for assignments.
Unfriendly roommates, demanding agents and indifferent casting directors force her to keep up appearances with a self defense mechanism fueled by cynicism. In this superficial reality she’s determined not to lower her mask and take her own path.

DOMINIQUE is a short film written and directed by Jim Taihuttu starring Sylvia Hoeks.

Today was a good day

Just because I can watch this short movie over and over again. Nike made, in addition to Adidas (see below) another great ‘feel good commercial’…….a remake of Ice Cube’s ‘it was a good day’  

Nike / Today was a good day

Adidas / Celebrate Originality

‘Your parents just told you, he doesn’t exist

Just because we are looking forward BIG TIME to Dick Maas, known from his movie De Lift,  his newest horror movie named ‘Sint’. With the catchy oneliner ‘Hij Komt Hij Komt’. Read the interview for Nu.nl (dutch). Shit, thing is going to be freaky! Keep your kids away from this….coming in november 2010.
And serious, check this beautiful flyer with the slogan ”Your parents just told you, he doesn’t exist” hahahaha, love it!

new movie: Easier with practise

Just because this ‘Easier With Practise’ is about two talented brothers, a book tour and a woman who sounds young and hot…….
A woman named Nicole who’s all about sex, but for him she’s “the closest thing to a girlfriend he ever had”.
Beautiful moments of silence in a story about falling in love in the modern world.