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New trailer: Cold Souls – a soul searching comedy

Just because I needed to share this amazing new movie trailer with you, Cold Souls, a soul searching comedy. Some quotes:

“I just want my soul back”, ”Soul travelling is a serious business” , “Your soul is in Russia”


Nieuwe ramen

Just because our windows 7 is already cool, but this is rocking the building! User experience above everything!

Kanye West’s diversity – new song with Mr Hudson ‘Supernova’


 Just because he keeps making song after song, diversity is his brand!

download it here or listen it here

via The Fader

Meet Kanye’s new girlfriend

Gewoon omdat Kanye loves pretty things right….. well, you Judge for yourself :)

Meet Amber, an ex lesbian and stripper……. both spot together at the London Fashion Week.

Thanks to YBF……. one of Ye’s favourite blogsite wha!

Check out check out:

Amsterdams newest hotspot: TROUW

Gewoon omdat we van goede en nieuwe feestjes houden. New club in town is TROUW. Door de zelfde mannen achter Club 11 .

Thanks to nalden.net

brand New vs brand Old

Oh yes, this ‘ brand new’ skateboard from the makers of Leuke Kunst is what I bought today. It’s so supa dupa cool! Check out the beautifull painting of this forrest. Typical light green trees, some sand and a open blue sky. I love it! Nice detail is that the boards is unique….yessir! Ready to go! For sure it’s not going to make me a better boarder……I can only look with open mouth to guys as Rodney Mullen (inventer of many tricks including the Ollie Impossible) and just hope to stand on my board ones, for only 5 min or longer………Unbelievable and 30+ for sure!

Check out Rodney going crazy……”Sweet home Alabama”!