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Paris the city of love?

Just because Paris is the city of love right? Well not for the moment, like the rest of France.
See what’s happening through the lens of ‘The Bigger Picture – France on Strike’, with over 20 impressive photo’s.


The Sartorialist X Colette – The Sartorialist Book Signing

The Sartorialist X colette   The Sartorialist Book Signing

Just because by now you probably know the Sartorialist (photographer Scott Schuman). This guy is like the godfather of shooting streetfashion. 
Anyway, for those who are going to be in Paris this coming weekend, The Sartorialist will be signing his book at none other than the Paris style mecca, colette. Go there Saturday and meet the man behind the site of best global street fashion at colette on September 5th.

So I just went for a quick coffee and when I came back…..


Just because parked bikes can be picked up in a week again……sorry guys, work in progress here Paris ;)

‘Born in the streets’: GRAFFITI exposition @ gallery Foundation Cartier, Paris


Just because we went for the exposition Ne Dans La Rue (Born in the streets) at FoundationCartier.
Born in the Streets—Graffiti will bring to light the extraordinary expansion of an artistic movement that developed in the streets of New York in the early 1970s to rapidly become a world-wide phenomenon


Check out their web 3.0 site for a nice preview and for photo’s of the expositions their Flickr.


Born in the Streets GRAFFITI
July 7 › Nov. 29, 2009
Fondation Cartier pour l’art Contemporain,
261, boulevard Raspail
75014 Paris – France

Woman throws mug at ‘Mona Lisa’

mona lisa

Just because we like the way how this article is written at CNNnewspage…. “as she emerged with its enigmatic smale undimmed”

PARIS, France – Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece the "Mona Lisa" was attacked with a mug earlier this month, but the world’s most famous painting — protected by thick glass — emerged with its enigmatic smile undimmed.

thanks to  CNN

Ballet: New vs. Old



Just because today I received my new VICE magazine ‘The Photo Edition’ (BUY IT!) with some beautiful photo’s made by Roe Ethridge and it made me think about the ballet-painting I saw in the Opera building in Paris two weeks ago. Both classic in their own way right….

Well new vs. Old, but both dancing on Repetto’s, remember the ones I bought in Paris last winter?

French kiss in summer

french summer

Just because summer started for me officially last weekend in Paris.
However this is not me with my girly (I just borrowed this beautiful picture from Maggie Lee for Vice for a moment) its quite a good picture of how I was feeling Sunday in the park.

More French kisses and summer erotic pictures here .

thanks to Maggie Lee & Vice Magazine