Just because

The Black Keys – Gold On The Ceiling

Just because it’s still one of my favorite songs this year

They wanna get my…
They wanna get my
Gold on the ceiling


Levi’s #GoForth 2012 campaign

“You gonne be great, You gonne be great, You gonne be great”. The new Levi’s campaign is a shot of self-confidence. It focuses more on being successful, instead of enjoying the world and try to make it a better place….. Like they did in there previous campaign http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FdW1CjbCNxw .

Doesn’t mean the video looks great….. it just makes us a bit restless!

Faberyeyo – Zomer Aan De Wand

Faberyeyo’s Late summer single ‘Zomer Aan De Wand’ . Awesome videoclip.

New video: Major Lazer – Get free ft. Amber

Lowlands 2012 Flashback

C2C – Down The Road

C2C is a French Electro Dj band, 4 times DMC world champions (2003-2006) and 1 time ITF world champion (2005). The 4 group members are @djgreem, @atomathome, @DjpFeL and @mr20syl and met during their teenage years. The four members have been very active on the French musical scene and for what it’s worth; to this day, their live performances remain extremly popular, totalling more than 7 million views on Youtube. As they say, they use their turntables as instruments.
Since their teenage years they never stopped working together, featuring on each other’s albums, but 2011 is the year when they finally reunited to produce C2C’s first album.

C2C’s first EP « Down The Road » was released on the 23rd of January 2012. Since then, The EP benefits of great critics and success from both audience and medias.

Jessie Ware – Wildest Moments

Just because we saw Jessie Ware at the Pitch Festival Amsterdam last week. As Last.fm says, ‘one of the most exciting vocalists to emerge from the UK underground’. The last couple of years she has been working with some of the most respected producers, but it all started with her 2010 collaboration with producer SBTRKT for the track Nervous.
Inspired in the ’90’s by singers as Lauren Hill (interview ‘One to Watch’ with the Guardian) her debut album ‘Is more soul than you’d think’.
“Malleable” is how she describes her voice: “If they want a big vocal, I can do a big vocal. If they want smooth, I can do smooth. I’ll do what they want,” she smiles’.

Valentine feat Sampha: